(Updated 6/7/23)

Thank you for your interest in joining Lustruck's affiliate partnership program.
Please read all terms and fill in the information below to submit the affiliate partnership agreement. 
Once our new Lustruck affiliate partner is verified and approved, we will follow up with a W9 tax form and Zoom meeting link for any questions.


Lustruck's affiliate partners will upload fashionable photo/ video content to their feeds on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube (if applicable) while including social handle tags @LUSTRUCK on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube (if applicable). Captions must include the specific posted item/ items, "Dress, Top, Jacket etc from @LUSTRUCK” along with the affiliate's personalized referral discount code or "Link in Bio". The link in the bio will be an official personalized LUSTRUCK URL link with the affiliate's referral discount code automatically applied to their referrals' orders. 


Lustruck's affiliate partners will receive a collaboration discount code for affiliates to order items of their choice on In exchange for receiving the order, our affiliate partners must upload their first feed post (on all social channels) within 1 week of receiving the order. Every ordered item must have at least one photo/ video and also be posted on all feeds within the first week. Combining ordered items into one post is also acceptable.

In addition, Lustruck affiliates will post on Instagram and Tik Tok Stories adding the swipe-up action with the affiliate's LUSTRUCK URL link (if applicable) or tag @LUSTRUCK and mentioning the affiliate's referral discount code to encourage your audience to shop at least once a week. Both Instagram and Tik Tok stories must be posted on the most active day and hour from the affiliate's Instagram and Tik Tok insight’s dashboard. Lustruck affiliates will post on both stories for the remainder of the month for the following three weeks. The second, third, and fourth Instagram and Tik Tok story posts must be different photos or videos. Another feed post in place of a story post is acceptable as well.


Lustruck affiliates' pay periods are monthly. Each pay period will be paid on the first day of the following month. For example, sales for the month of January will be paid on February 1st. Payments will be transferred to affiliate's PayPal email account provided. 


Lustruck LLC will retain the copyright of the photos/ videos uploaded by Lustruck’s affiliate partners and has the authority to upload across Lustruck's marketing and social channels as well as share on media outlets or websites.


In the event that Lustruck LLC must retain a collection agency or law firm to collect past due balances owed to Lustruck, affiliate agrees to pay any and all collection agency fees, court costs, attorney fees, or incidental costs associated with collecting.


Lustruck may restructure its company and/ or update any contract agreements as the company continues to progress with modern technology, productivity, or possible unforeseen economic/ business circumstances. It is the affiliate's sole discretion to continue to participate in Lustruck’s affiliate partnership program.

It is Lustruck's discretion to not repost any photos/ videos, moreover with negative content or subliminal messages toward our company, members, or culture. Lustruck will not partake in any such activity other than constructive feedback/ suggestions to enhance your posts. Any of these unprofessional acts will instantly terminate the affiliate's partnership with Lustruck without warning.